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My 30th Birthday Decorations

December 11, 2015

So my 30th birthday came and went. We ended up celebrating at home due to the constraints with having young kids. It was great though, big dinner with family on Friday then another big dinner with friends on Saturday.

Saturday was themed as ‘nerdy thirty’, with people encouraged to dress up nerdy. I won’t be posting any of the costumes on my blog, those who know me have probably seen them on facebook already.

I did want to share some of the house decorations that were prepared by me for the night. I took a lot of inspiration from Pinterest posts but mixed and changed some of the ideas around. I paid some homage to the early electronic games.

Here are some of the best ones of the night.


Mario using post-it notes. Took a lot longer than I originally anticipated as the notes did not stick property, i had to use blue-tac on the back of them


Mario Mystery box floating from the ceiling. Used fishing wire for the effect.


post-it notes tetris wall .decoration


angry birds made out of coloured paper and some black marker


pacman wall decoration made out of coloured cardboard


floppy disk coasters and some nerdy glasses


lamp table made out of board games


A door converted into a gameboy nicknamed ‘geekboy’


Mana and Health potion. Blue food colouring used for the mana (lemon lime and bitters). The red drink is cranberry with vodka.


The universal power on symbol on the entrance of the door


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