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Goats of Maturity

April 24, 2012

I stumbled upon a really great image titled ‘Maturity Climb’, or another way of putting it a character development cartoon. The original image can be found at, but it’s not where I found it originally, so I am not sure what the site is fully about.

The red goats inhabiting the scorched barren land are representations of myopic, self-centred and generally ignorant attitudes. The Yellow goats are those that have awaken from their stupor and are attempting to change themselves, climbing the symbolic mountain.  Finally the green goats that reside on the luscious pasture are those ‘enlightened’ goats that embody the mature traits people should strive for.

Of course we all display some of each, but I think the point is to attempt to channel the green-goat-attitude.


I do have to take issue with the wording of the following green goat “Blames self for world”. I think it would have been better to state takes activate approach with world problems.

Favourite Goats

I think some goats stand out with their succinct trait descriptions that evoke real world examples.

The oppose of the goat mentioned above, “Blames world for problems” goat, is a goat that personifies the attitude in people can’t stand most. It’s those individuals that constantly complain that everything is going terrible for them. Their job, their relations, the government is always screwing them around.

I think a sub category of this is people who say “what has the world come to”, implying a degeneration and eminent collapse of society and all that is known around them. I bite my tongue when I hear it but my thoughts race through my head yelling, what about the world! We are technologically, medically and financially better off then we have ever been. The majority of countries now live in a stable, peaceful existence with mature democracies upholding rights and freedoms that have been established only in the last few hundred or even dozen of years. The life expectancy is higher than it has ever been and continues its climb. Just make the most of what you live with and stop complaining.


The next goat is the “knows nothing” goat. Perhaps once again not the best turn of the phrase, but I think the idea was to harken back to the famous Socrates quote that went something along the lines of “I know that I know nothing”, with the implication that true knowledge comes from knowing that you don’t know everything and that there is always more to know.


This is a very well illustrated and thoughtful comic. It gave me an idea to do something similar with another topic.

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