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Achievements of Levi – Before Turning 1

January 8, 2014

There is something very exciting in watching your kid unlock the next achievement in child development. Right up to this weekend a person watching would be hard pressed to see the little guy abandon his chosen item of support and take but a mere step away. You would think the couch or the walker is his only flotation devise as he is surrounded by the vast Pacific. But right before our eyes a couple of days ago the steps were made. First it was two, then four, and then few more.  Today he can walk the length of the room. Mind you drunk jellyfish can probably walk with more balance. But it is the early days and at this rate with two weeks to go until his first birthday I expect Levi to be doing the 100 meter dash.

Here is a chart of progress

child development chart Levi

child development chart – Levi

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