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Internet Memes

March 2, 2012

I love Internet memes (pronounces meem). If anyone doesn’t know what a meme is, in simple terms it’s a phrase, expression, iconic imagery or recognizable reference popularised amongst online communities such as on forums or in online games.

Often its just an image with text. The image can be recycled many times to build up the concept with the text changing to give it a unique flavour. Usually the meme is just a social observation, for example the ‘Success Kid’ shows a young boy in a victorious pose accompanied by text of something mild that people encounter in life but for which they succeed.

Another great meme, referencing a stereo type is the ‘High Expectations Asian Father’. The meme can apply to any parents really that come from a background that expects their children to excel in school no matter what.

Other memes can be jokes , puns, media references and animals.

There is a group of memes I would classify as the broken stereotypes, these make me crack-up constantly. It involves taking a representative from a group of people e.g black person, muslim, rastafarian and captioning the image so that the text at the top begins with a stereotypical perception but is broken by the text at the bottom. Here are three examples from each group listen above.


Finally sometimes innocent peoples photos get high jacketed and become memes in their own right. ‘Good Guy Greg‘ is one meme that is actually positive. In a self explanatory fashion the meme features a cool looking guy with a huge grin on his face that is meant to symbolise the positive actions that people do that everyone appreciates.

The antithesis to GGG is a looted photo of a high school aged kid with a sideways cap and a blank stare on his face. The name of the meme is ‘Scumbag Steve‘ that is meant to embody all those actions of people you may know or have known in the past that were real dirtbags.


There are tons of other memes, but this was just a summary of that a meme is.

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