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[video] Questions for Levi w/ Benji

October 30, 2016

I got an idea from someone on the internet to record their toddler answering a series of questions. I thought it would be great to hear what Levi (age 3) would have to say to a set of  age appropriate questions. The recording would be great to preserve and play back to the boys when they are older.

The video was slightly out of focus unfortunately. I think i will do these question videos again in the future.

Here are the questions I asked this time around:

1. What is something mommy always says to you?

2. What makes you happy?

3. What makes you sad?

4. What makes you laugh?

5. How old are you?

6. How old is Mommy?

7. How old is Daddy?

8. What is your favorite thing to do?

9. Who is your best friend?

10. What do you want to be when you grow up?

11. What are you really good at?

12. What are you not very good at?

13. What do you want for your birthday this year?

14. What is your favorite animal?

15. What is love?

16. What does daddy do for work?

17. Where do you live?


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