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Personal Update Oct 2015

October 28, 2015

I haven’t posted anything around here in a while. Partly due to apathy, partly due to feeling like there is nothing worthy to state. Some of you are probably wondering if I have forgotten this place completely, rest assured I have not. I guess the reason for my lack of posts is that I somehow convinced myself that unless it is an essay it is not worth posting and anything shorter will just get pasted pm my facebook page. After some consideration, my new approach will mean I will most likely post more, with posts being shorter in length, but perhaps more mundane.

Some updates

On Myself

I am nearing 30 this year. Somehow that age really highlights just how long ago I finished high school, and how rapidly the last few years have elapsed.  My brain bands people into various age groups, arguably inaccurately. People in their 20’s are in one band, teenagers would be in another. However myself being currently 29 and falling into the 20’s band, I am far removed from myself when I was say 21. Equipped with a good dose of maturity being just one of the major differentiating factors.

Funny enough feeling old is not something that bothers me or makes me think of when I dwell on being 30. What does come to mind is wondering if I have achieved enough in life to this point.

If I had to answer that, I would say yes in some respects and work in progress for others.

I did a personal development plan for a period of 1 , 3 and 5 years, a few years ago. The idea was to continue to update that every year, but I have slacked off. Perhaps I should add completing a development plan as one of the objectives. I think something like that does help you be focused on achieving things in life.

The Boys

Levi and Benji are doing great. I love arriving home, hearing Levi yell out excitedly “daddy”, run up and hug me. But then I hate when Levi is throwing a tantrum because he doesn’t like the looks of the pasta that was served for dinner, even though he had it a thousand times before. I love seeing Benji learning to smile, or rolling over for the first time on the play mat, but I hate dealing with a tired, grumpy baby that is screaming down the house. I love when Levi gives me a kiss on the cheek, and says goodnight as he goes to bed, I hate when he wakes up at 3 in the morning crying for “mummy” to take him into our bed, but refusing to be carried by me for some reason as Charmaine is feeding Benji and can’t come there.

The plan is to send Levi to preschool next year for two days a week as Charmaine returns to work. The hard part now is finding the right preschool that will accept him and then worrying how he will cope. Socialising with other kids is important so I definitely am in favour of getting him into some sort of program before he starts school in a few years.

Levi and Benji

Levi and Benji


News is not that recent, but still worthy. I caved to the idea of having two cars, and we bought a second car. It was really out of necessity as I drive in the morning to the station to go to work, but Charmaine wants the car in case she needs to drive to places, hence the problem of trying to wake the kids up to load them into a car only to drive back and do it again in the afternoon. With two cars it is so much easier.

We settled on a second hand Toyota Avensis which has 7 seats in total and very roomy mind you. I love all the extra room in the boot very happy. Got a great deal from an auction house.

Our 2nd Car - 7 seater :D

Our 2nd Car – 7 seater 😀


Doing a couple of projects on the house, mainly in the front yard. Completing the unfinished fence and putting in a nice path to the front door paved with white pebbles and stone slabs. Will post pics once finished.

Hmm it seems like I have created another essay. Of well, shorter next time.

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  1. December 5, 2015 2:13 pm

    Embrace the big three-o with grace. You’re already a step ahead by not dwelling over it.

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