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Zorb/Bubble Soccer at work

July 24, 2015

Had an exciting  new experience at work today. As part of the Finance team day, a game of zorb football/soccer [bubble soccer] was organised on the Domain grounds. I have seen the zorb balls in action previously, but only the really giant ones that a person crawls inside and is then usually pushed down some big hill. The size of these zorb balls were much smaller, with the persons legs below the waist exposed. Someone said it is like you are lodged in a giant cheezle.

The fun stems from the awkwardness of trying to kick the ball all while being bumped (sometimes with great force) by the opposing team. If you are lucky enough you can land some of your own blows, sending your opponents tumbling upside down with their legs wriggling in mid-air. The muddy ground added to the thrill.

Another game we played was bull-rush. The concept is that one person is the ‘bull’ who has to ram themselves into all the other players, who are doing their best to make it safely from one side of the field to the other. If the bull is successful in smashing someone off their feet, they morph into a bull as well, so the next round becomes more challenging for all the survivors.

I would recommend this for 10 plus groups of people.

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