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Jousting @ Blacktown City Medieval Fayre 2015

May 23, 2015

I managed to convince Charmaine to come along to the annual Blacktown City Medieval Fayre (2015) that took place at the Nurragingy reserve. At the end of the event all three of us walked away feeling like we had a great time and I personally thought Blacktown council did a great job putting on these type of events.

The people involved put in a lot of effort to give the festival that medieval feel to it. Roaming wizards, peasants, Knights and dames were all over the place. There were shows and events held throughout the day including, hand-to-hand combat demonstrations in quality medieval armour and weapons, ballistic weapon demos, bird of prey presentation and of course jousting.

Jousting for us was the main event so we went and sat down early in the first row of the podium for the 2pm jousting match. When the horses entered the ring, they were draped in colourful and unique show-apparel with the riders similarly covered in exquisite costumes and armour. All these strange costumes and loud music made Levi get some what frightened, but eventually he warmed up to the show and ended up cheering for the horses.

I put together a little video of the show.

A couple of photos

Levi Watching Jousting Jousting Horse Blacktown

Jousting in Blacktown

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