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Levi’s 2nd Birthday

January 24, 2015

Hard to believe that just over two years ago, I was in the hospital with Charmaine who was recovering from the delivery of our first son. Yet here we are celebrating his birthday with family for the second time.

I remember when I was a kid, having a birthday was something special. The anticipation the night before of the presents to come was overwhelming. Then when the big day comes the spotlight of attention is directed at you and to top it all of a party was waiting for me and my friends. Over the years that magic feeling fades to a point that you are more concerned with avoiding the extra attention and not over eating the cake. On the Richter scale of excitement birthdays these days would barely register.

Yet when organising Levi’s birthday at our house, the experience provided me that old glimpse of the exhilaration that a kid’s birthday party should invoke. Levi’s excitement is contagious and made me happy. Apart from the abundance of food, Levi was treated to a mini-jumping castle, a small inflatable pool and of course a truck full of presents that once again we have to decide where to place.

Here are some of the shots

Levi n Zach Toy Room

Jumping Castle

Boys in the Swimming Pool

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