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Top 5 Movies I Watched in 2014

December 10, 2014

When it comes to watching movies, this year started out on a dry spell. I have been busy with work, studies and Levi was still one which required a lot of attention. Charmaine and I use to watch a lot of movies at night, but after the baby that has become almost non-existent.

Two changes took place at about the mid-point of the year that have opened up a time opportunity for me to indulge in my hobby. First I started being stricter with my own sleeping habits. This change in behaviour meant I was not semi-comatose from a lack of sleep on the morning commute and was able to keep my eyes open for a movie. You see my train trip is one hour each way with plenty of idle time in between, perfect to use.

The second big change was an upgrade of my mobile to one with more memory, more high definition screen and larger storage. Also with a recommendation from a friend to use the app Airdroid, putting movies on my phone wirelessly was never easier.

So with the year wrapping-up, I consumed around 50 movies with a range of genres, year of productions and the  ratings.

Here are my favourite five movies I have watched this year

But first 5 Movies I did NOT enjoy the most in 2014

1)Apocalypse Now (1979)

2) Princess Mononoke (1997)

3) Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

4) The Deer Hunter (1978)

5) Seven Psychopaths (2012)

So now for the ,favourite 5 movies I watched in 2014:

1) Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Wow, what an unexpected gem of a movie. I resisted seeing the film for a while due to whole romance comedy classification and the cliché picture of the perfect girl and guy combo on the cover. The persistently nagging high rating on IMDB has finally persuaded me to take the plunge.

First let me state that this movie weighs heavily towards the drama category, before anything else. The romance and comedy are definitely there, but they are weaved into the plot to take a seat further from the centre stage. Both Bradley Cooper whose acting talent I now regard much more highly than when I saw in in the first Hang-over, and the ageing Robert De Niro, have done a superb job playing the roles of actors who suffer from various mental health issues.

This is precisely what  I really enjoyed about the film, the characters battling their personal demons and trying to improve on their situation. Highly recommend if you like a good drama with some comedy.

Silver Linings Playbook

2) 50/50(2011)

This is another film that was on my back burner for a long time waiting for me to be in the right mood. I somehow developed a prejudice in my mind against Seth Rogen, placing him in the crappy movie category, even though I have reviewed some of the films he has starred in and found that I enjoyed them for most part.

Anyway, the two characters Joseph Gordon-Levitt who contracts a rare cancer and his friend Seth Rogen who sticks by him through the ordeal were a great pick in my view. This movie is most definitely another drama but has a plethora of funny scenes to dilute the film to a semi-comedy.

What I enjoyed about this film is a view into a life of a healthy individual who is suddenly struck with something as shattering as cancer and the impact that has on their life, after all it could happen to any of us.  The movie didn’t feel pretentious or try to make this into some prolonged tear-jerker. As I said plenty of funny bits even as the main story climaxes for the main character. Very engrossing film.


3) Heat (1995)

Robert De Niro & Al Pacino in their prime, must I say more to convince you otherwise? Lots of action, drama, quotable lines and above all great story line.

This movie resurrects a time when the likes of De Niro & Pacino were considered the giants in their field and starring in action films at the zenith of their careers.

heat movie

4) The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

The most recent film on the list, and probably the most unique. The Grand Budapest Hotel is the latest film from the director Wes Anderson. I have watched a backlog of his films this year and this is probably one of my favourite due to the quirky style, props and camera angles used through the 90 minutes.

Ralph Fiennes’ character in the film M. Gustave did for me. Something about his eloquent and at time verbose speaking manner made the flick very memorable.


5) 21 Jump Street(2012)

The only pure comedy on the list, which the likes of I need to watch time to time after I have watched a number of more serious films back to back.

I put this film up high because it really made me look stupid cracking up constantly on the train. Lots of absurdly hilarious scenes and a great addition of Ice Cube as the police captain. This movie reminded me of other high school comedies, so I have to rate it high.

22 Jump street could note match it by the way. Personally the movie fell flat.

21 jump street

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