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Levi Update – 21 Months

October 12, 2014

So what’s the latest on this kid? He is around 10 days shy of being 21 months of age, which is still a few months short  of his second lap around the glowing celestial ball we all call the sun. I am sure all my numerically astute readers have already deduces that all this means is Levi’s second birthday is getting nearer, and with that I am reminded of the phrase “terrible twos”. Now I am sure that there will not be some magical Cinderella transformation in behaviour when the pair of birthday candles are blown-out, and Levi makes it look like a stick of dynamite has been planted in his cake. I do wonder however if there is a term that has not been coined yet, not as pithy and definitely with less consonance, something like ‘terrible one and three quarters’ that would convey similar level of tantrums and horror public outing stories.

I guess what I want to know is, is Levi an earlier bloomer when it comes to the toddler tantrum ability, or is this still the teaser, the sample spoon? The real pot of horrors is still simmering on the proverbial kettle after two?

But it’s not all bad; there are lots of fun, new and exciting things that have happened with this kid. So now in no particular order of importance or relevance. List of Levi’s life accomplishments:

5)  All the teeth are nearly there. Makes for a great little smile, but also very handy in chopping up all those carrots that are so favoured by the little guy. It will be sometime before these get replaces with the massive tombstones that older kids get.

4) Can pretty much identify all the items when asked in his picture books. Hey may not be able to still say them all, but his comprehension levels are superb. These even include items I have never heard of probably because they are from some British or other archaic book. Things like ‘articulated lorry’, which is describing some large construction machine.

3) Loves to help around the house (waiting for the day that will change). For now at least Levi loves to help in putting and taking out the clothes from the washing machine, putting dirty (plastic) plates into the sink and opening the bin that is hidden away to place any pieces of rubbish on the ground. Next on the agenda, to iron my work shirts.

2) Can say more words that include, point to correct number of objects and say two or three (one is still out..). Remembers and can pronounce names of his cousin, uncle, aunty, and a few other people in his life

1)After Levi accidently hurts one of us, or gets a bit too excited and wacks us with his hands, we ask him to say sorry. The best things to receive from him are those genuine apologies. He places a hand on your cheek and gives you a small hug, it makes me forget everything else after one of those.

0) Levi is the personification of the Energiser Bunny that fires up when your energy light is blinking on empty. What’s that you want to rest your feet for a few minutes, sorry you are now my horsey and must trot around the house with Levi holding on the back. Great fun… sometimes.

Levi Alexzander water bottle smiling

Levi Alexzander - Big eyed

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    October 13, 2014 9:39 am

    So touching!

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