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Sydney – Botanical Gardens

September 30, 2014

Working in the heart of Sydney has its many benefits, this week has uncovered a trove more. I am already rewarded with a huge shopping venue situated below my feet, a bustling plaza that attracts an eclectic group of performance artists and the convenience of a public transport system walking distance away. But I am also now privileged to be working so close to the vast areas of preserved greenery situated so peacefully within the bustling city. Across from my place of work is Hyde park that has captivated me for a while now with its Greek Myth inspired fountain and giant trees enveloping the central walk that intersects the park. That much has been known to me for some time now, I even wanted to have my wedding shoot there, until the photographer complained about a lack of parking options.

If you look on Google maps there is a continuous stretch of preserved vegetation that spans from Hyde park, through to the Domain, and transitions to the Botanical Gardens. These Gardens is what I have been frequenting this past week on my hourly breaks.

Much like Hyde park, the Gardens contains many enormous trees that would have seen numerous seasons, fashion trends and technological developments pass over the years.

I took a picture of this tree that shaded everything in its wide-reaching circumference, others of similar stature had people litters underneath them enjoying the warm weather from the safety of the direct sun. Filter using Google photos.

Botanical Gardens - Sydney

One great thing about the Botanical Gardens is that a lot of the plants are labelled so if something catches your eye and perhaps you are considering incorporating it into your own garden a convenient labelling system will be of great help. The place has a good selection of unique trees, flowers, shrubs, palms, ferns etc.

I took a picture of these flowers that had bulb like heads on top on them.Sydney - Botanical Gardens - Flowers

This cool looking greenhouse pyramid sits inside the park. Looks like its not open to the public until 2016…DSC_0246-EFFECTS

Here is me looking back at Centre Point, seeing how far I have travelled.Sydney Botanical Gardens - City View

Hope this has inspired others to go check out more of the city you work and live in, and see those places that you may never have considered checking out before. The warm weather this past week has made the experience so much more enjoyable and it will only keep getting warmer, so go on.


Here is other shot I took on separate day of this week

Blossoms Sydney Botanical Gardens

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  1. September 30, 2014 11:32 pm

    Very nice!

  2. September 30, 2014 11:34 pm

    I love the botanical gardens in Sydney, thank for sharing those beautiful photos.

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