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My Movie Watching Habits

August 23, 2014

For a while now I have been tagging all the movies that I recall watching on the IMDB website. The list of movies goes back all the way to when I was a child. For each Movie I provide a rating from 1 to 10, with 10 being the sought after rating by movie producers. IMDB provides a bit of data analysis on my movie habits, which I grabbed and chucked into excel,  so Enjoy.

Total number of movies I have seen (recall seeing) is close to 570. I entered a few more before these graphs which I don’t think IMDB captured. Assuming the average length of a film is 2 hours, that comes to a total viewing time of 1140 hours or 47.5 days or just over 1.5 months, talk about a movie marathon

Most movies fall into several genres. What IMDB does is include each movie into all the respective categories it falls under e.g Shaun of the Dead (2004) being both a comedy and horror. glancing at the data, it looks like a big chunk of my movie watching habits fall under Drama & Comedy. I wonder if that is saying that after watching a depressing drama, with tears in my eyes I hurry to put on a comedy to restore my mood to a happy equilibrium? Maybe, or maybe I just like those two genres more that other films.

Sasha's Movies by Genre 2014

As previously mentioned I rank movies from 1 to 10, here are the aggregate rankings I have given to all my films. It looks like I am quiet generous with a median of 7.2 and a mode of 7.Believe it or not I have not seen a film that I thought was so bad that it was a plague on society and deserved a rating of 1. I think there is some bias in my data, as I try to research what I want to watch and look at IMDB ratings before hand to get a sense of what to expect. I tend to dismiss films with a ranking below 7, unless they fall under a director I like or have been recommended by someone whose opinion I value.

Sasha's Movies by Ratings 2014

Here is an interesting graph. My movies by the year they were made. As expected the older the film is, the less likely that I have watched it. That is mainly for two reasons: 1) there are just less films in those years and 2) the cinematography appeals less to me with older flicks. I can also see that there is a time lag when it comes to most recent films as I don’t see the value of attending cinemas. I have only seen one film dating to 2014, latest thing to come from the director Wes Anderson – The Grand Budapest Hotel. Something a bit different from the other Hollywood stuff, yet enjoyable. 1999 was big for some reason. Looking at movies I have seen that fall under that year they include: American BeautyThe MatrixBeing John MalkovichElectionStar Wars: Episode I – The Phantom MenaceToy Story 2 etc.

Sasha's Movies by Year 2014

Finally I have already done a post for the IMDB’s top 250 movies, but i am going to revisit it. I tallied up all the films I have seen from the list and those I have not. The count is close to half in favour of those I have not had a chance to experience, but still quiet a valiant effort on my part I must say. How does that compare to last time I looked at this?  It was 96 v 154, somewhat better. Mind you this is a living list, with new movies coming and bumping out other movies that are close to the bottom of the list, so not a true comparison.

Sasha's Movies by Top 250 2014

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