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The Train Shed – Our Experience

August 2, 2014

As prices of land and the multiplying population stretches the waist of our great city, it forces the belly to bulge perpetually further west expanding urbanisation . Having said that I am constantly amazed that the 40-60 minute commute from the epicentre of this great metropolis is still so close to the rural rustic life. Today we drove South-West to the much discussed location of the second airport. We were not there to say our goodbyes to the cow paddocks or the old rusty fences that stretch the roads leading to the proposed location of the Badgery’s Creek airport, rather we were there to visit a place that is directly affected by the recent government green-lighting of the project.
Charmaine first heard of the place through one of those deals websites that offers tickets at a much reduced price. The place is called ‘The Train Shed’ and the description told of the inevitable requirement to close their doors due to the new zoning regulations.

So before the doors shut completely we decided to take Levi and see what the place was all about. The Train Shed is a miniature train track that brings to life children’s favourite characters from the popular TV show Thomas the Tank Engine. Mind you Levi hasn’t yet caught the Thomas bug and probably can’t differentiate between all the types of trains featured in the show (I can’t blame him last time I checked there were 3 or 4 trains that has the exact same paint-job as Thomas himself, talk about lack of imagination from the producers).

Thomas the Tank Engine - The Train shed

The trains are miniature in size but still large enough to seat comfortably a row of kids and their parents in the cushioned carriages provided. Straddled and controlled by one of the employees (to my amusement usually a 30-40 year old guy with a stern emotionless physic, who probably is counting the minutes before he can escape to the local pub). These trains take the kids and their parents around a specially build track that bends around passing various farm animals and other little features such as creeks and even a tunnel. All this was meant to give the kids the experience of actually riding on Thomas and his posse, which they did a decent job of.
Charmaine took Levi on the first spin as I was busy with the camera snapping away. To my surprise Levi was unphased by the first 8-10 minute ride, keeping a poker face through the whole trip. Next it was my turn to ride with him. As we lined-up to board another one of Thomas’s friends you could see his anticipation building. It began with a concentrated focus on what is going on over the fence, then progressed to pointing and waiving at the passing trains and people. Perhaps all he needed was some warming up to the experience as the second trip proved to be nothing short of a blast. The whole time it was like we voyages into the great unknown. There was constant pointing, smiling and laughing followed-by him telling me in baby babble everything out there that is a must see! At one point Levi even sprang-up ready to jump head first out of the carriage and head towards whatever piece of landscape that caught his eye. When we pulled back-in his joy quickly soured and tears started forming with the realisation the fun was up and it was time for him to get out.
As mentioned each ride takes about 8-10 minutes, but the pricing is very reasonably. The unlimited pass for the child is $35 dollars otherwise it is $6 for every bum on the seat per ride. If you got a kid check it out before it closes later this year.

The Train Shed - Sydney

Charmaine and Levi on the miniature train

Sasha and Levi on the Train Shed train

Levi found the local farm animals intriguing.

Levi Alexzander fascinated with a bull

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  1. August 2, 2014 10:08 pm

    That’s so cute 🙂

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