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Our Big Weekend Purchase

May 18, 2014

Some weekends come and go, leaving a fleeting memory of the past two days. This weekend was not one of them.

It all started on last week’s Monday morning when I had a quick online scan of properties in our budget, with our requirements in the local area. That Monday I thought I would expand the search area by just a few minutes of driving north. With a click of the search button and a sort of the latest listing there it was a gem amongst rough. A house that ticked all the boxes and then some more, it was perfect for our needs. It is appropriate to mention that at the time our spirits were somewhat dampened from our previous unsuccessful attempts at securing a winning bid. Frantic price wars on other potential properties had made us realise that sometimes it is worth taking a step back from the action. This area was far enough from the hot spots to mean that potentially we can avoid the frenzy.

So come Saturday we rock-up a few minutes before the allotted inspection time. At this point our excitement, anticipation and fear of losing out have been building up inside us like pressure in a Champaign bottle. It needed to be resolved and quickly; will this be our dream home, or has the property photographer worked magic and turned a shack into a palace with mere angles and lighting.

We have all been told not to stereo-type people, but when it comes to inspection days sometimes we cannot help it. As we are getting out of the car, I am checking-out our competition. Let’s see young Asian couple, decent car, a smug look of confidence on their faces, at least no briefcase of cash, hmm this could be trouble. Then there’s that guy, standing all by himself, he looks too cocky for my liking, probably an investor who is dipping into daddy’s deep pockets. Enough already I remind my wondering mind, time to stop assuming and start looking. As long as we play our cards right the property could be ours. Charmaine has a theory that having a kid in our arms makes the agents favour us. I am still not sold on how true that is, but I guess anything to give us an edge will do.

As we step into the house, we approved what we saw. The inside contains a beautiful modern look incorporating whites, greys and browns that work very nicely together. All the rooms have had a facelift and were decorated with the same palate of colours. Sizes of rooms and the house in its entirety can be deal breakers, but this place was roomy. In fact Charmaine’s eyes lit up like a Christmas sparkler when she saw the previously omitted from pictures laundry area that almost doubled the size of the kitchen. Both of us were grinning like a pair kids who were told we can go to Wonderland today.

But without a pen to the paper and a pair of visible signatures the house was still anybody’s trophy. It was time to act; we needed to woo the agent lady with an offer she can’t refuse. We talked amongst ourselves what our limit would be, waited to till the agent lady was on her own and like hungry tigers made our move. At first we threw her a bone with little meat on it, an offer right on the asking price. It was our way to see what the other offers were. In this market the asking price tends to be the starting point with the final offer somewhere higher. She informed us that there was a higher bid but not by much. Fantastic, we still had a chance. We had another quick talk between the two of us and then pitched her an offer a few grand more. Boom we got the result we wanted, she was happy to take that back to her den and go from there.

It would be a few agonising hours until we got in contact with the agency again. To cut the already long winded story short, the agent contacted the vendor who accepted the offer, we were ready to sign.

So there we are 6 pm on a Saturday night sitting at the agent’s office going through all the legal documents that need to disclosed. Finally there it was and just like that with a simple few smudges of ink onto the contract we were signing one of the biggest purchases of our lives.

There is of course the 5+ days cooling off period and the 35 days before the exchange occurs. Oh and the current tenants have just recently signed up to stay there until February 2015, so it will still be some time before we call the place home. But the move has already begun in both of our minds.

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