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Update on my life – Mar 2014

March 9, 2014


The above picture sums up the first two stages of my life quiet accurately. At some point I have exchanged my youthful carefree living, you know the type I am referring to; you wake up, look at the 9 am flashing on your clock and roll over back to sleep to recover from last night’s wild debauchery (joking, most nights were spent in my dark bedroom crushing virtual enemy armies in the second instalment of the popular franchise Age of Empires). Anyway as I was saying what happens when you have a full time job + 2 hours of daily travel and a one year old that puts energizer bunnies to shame? Sure you have some more money in the ‘hopes & dreams’ piggy bank, but It leaves you with just enough time at breakfast to strap a feeding-bag to your face and rush off to work.

Time to double-down I say. Instead of trying to cut some things out of your life like an average mortal would do if they had any sense,  I decided to plunge head first into the frozen lake of stuff to fill your life with. I have started my studied Again! You would think 6.5 years of uni would bring even the most hardcore academic to their knees, begging to be let-out from the campus walls, but It seems I have that itch again.

I started my CPA course which thankfully does not require lectures and tutorial. But it does mean that I have to now think about whether that extra bathroom break is me spoiling myself with some leisure time or is it better that I stick to reading another lengthy definition of deferred tax exemptions instead. In other words I really have to plan my days and try to fit in as much as possible, no time for wasteful blog posts… ooops. Let’s see how that goes for me.

As late night infomercials will tell you in a +5 volume “but wait there’s more!” Just yesterday our friends and Charmaine & I inspected a unique property that consists of two duplexes on one title. After a cuppa we decided to give the property market another go and try to acquiring this little gem in the heart of Blacktown with four names on the property. Only problem? The auction (I hate auctions as it is) is one week from today. Talk about cutting it short. We did see our broker today, so hopefully we can work something out by next Saturday. But who knows all this might mean that I need to find time for moving and cosmetic renovations. Let us see.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    March 10, 2014 10:29 am

    We are proud of you, Sashul.
    We love you.

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