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Favourite Youtube Channels – Veritasium

March 1, 2014

I haven’t done this segment in a while. I thought I’d share another favourite of mine when it comes to Youtube channels. I first learnt about the channel by link hopping from another Youtube source previously blogged about – Vsauce.

As the heading of the post suggests the channel title is a rather obscure word that when I first came across sounded a lot like one of the periodic elements. I later read from their Wikipedia page that the name is partly inspired from the elements, it is a “combination of the Latin word for truth, ‘Veritas’, and the ending common to many elements ‘ium”.

The videos are very sciency (I will use this word even if my spell checker will have a hissy fit over it) and tend to gravitate towards the subject of physics, nevertheless the host (Brian Schmidt ) makes each release very engaging and leaves your mind with something to ruminate on. In some videos Schmidt gets access to some rather restrictive areas of scientific research such as the below video shows ‘World’s Roundest Object! Or there is the Most silent room in the world.

In some videos Brian goes into the streets and asks random people,  what appear to be relatively simple science question, as an example below the public is asked to compare the surface temperature of two objects and then comment on their temperate differences. A very interesting response and explanation of temperature follows from Brian.

Or there are just the random fun videos such as the slow-motion slinky that appears to defy the law of gravity.

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