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Levi 8 months

September 29, 2013

What is cuter than 4 maltese pups from my last post? Well how about this kid. Levi is just over 8 months of age and is getting cuter by the day. Just within the last three days he has began to crawl, which is exciting but frustrating at the same time.

Its exciting because he will start to walk soon which is a step to being a bit more independent. But now we have to watch him like a hawk. He already started opening cupboard doors and inspecting what’s inside. He also crawls up to shelves and grabs onto them.

He is making a lot more vocal sounds, mama, ba, dada, gaga (lady gaga?) etc. Charmaine keeps saying I should speak to him in Russian, which I started doing but am not very consistent.

Levi Alexzander  8 months

Not sure if people can see the Video but here he is crawling

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