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Australian Election – Political Compass [My Results]

August 13, 2013

I found the following political compass on the ABC News website that relates to the upcoming Australian elections.

Click Here

See my results below, I am about smack-bang in the middle. From introspection I feel that it’s very difficult to pigeonhole me into any particular party platform. I agree and disagree with a number of policies from each party.

As an example I like Labors push for the next generation broadband policy, while I think the Liberals offer an inferior product that is cheaper short-term but will cost more to upgrade in the future. I feel that the Liberals in general provide a more sensible economic policy by being more reserved in spending big (but lately in the election campaign both major parties are proposing everything under the sun to get elected).The Greens on the other hand have very progressive policies, some of which I agree with e.g rehabilitation instead of punishment for drug users, marriage equality, live cattle exports. While others I thing are unsustainable and would not trust them on running the country e.g asylum seeker policies, aggressive carbon taxing, generally distaste for businesses etc.

Political Compass Australian Election

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