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Space is awesome – Hubble and James Webb telescopes

August 11, 2013

I was in my early years of high school when I first laid my eyes on some of the majestic Hubble Space telescope images that circulated in popular press, beyond seeing them as some pretty eye candy I didn’t think much more of them. It took me until only a few years ago to really appreciate these images, which is when I delved into the fascinating history of the Hubble telescope, including the miscalculations that made the lens out of focus, the budget blow-outs,  and of course the contributions to science and our understanding of the universe.

deep Hubble-Pillars-Of-Creation

deep Hubble-Pillars-Of-Creation

To sum it up Hubble images are amazing. You can see the Top 100 images taken by Hubble here

Some of my favourite include:

Antennae Galaxies

Eagle Nebula

Sombrero galaxy

As much as Hubble is still relevant and amazing  I want to touch on some of the future technology.

The James Webb Space Telescope (Next generation of telescope)

What made me excited is reading into the next generation of space telescopes; ‘The James Webb Space Telescope’ scheduled to launch in 2018. You can see the size comparison of the mirrors of the two telescopes, in which the Webb telescopes dwarfs Hubble.

hubble vs james webb size

This NASA site does a great visual comparison of the two telescopes. The gist is that Webb will be larger, focus on the infrared spectrum as opposed to visible light, will be 1.5 million kilometres away from earth  as opposed to Hubble that orbits at only around 570 kilometres.

James Webb Telescope size comparison.

James Webb Telescope size comparison.

I love future technology, especially space technology.

Here is a great video discussing the universe and the contribution that James Webb Space Telescope will make to science.

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