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Feeding Levi

August 7, 2013

About a week and a half ago I tried my hand at feeding Levi his morning meal. Usually Charmaine does the task as either I am at work or just doing something else on the weekend. Let me say the kid has an ferocious appetite and most times eats his allocated portions without much complaining. Maybe because the recipes I hear Charmaine whipping up for him sound better than what we eat. Pumpkin and sweet potato, custard and banana etc.

Like a sensor that triggers the shopping centre doors to open up for you, Levi’s maw opens wide in sight of the approaching spoon full of the sweet grub. But you have to be quick, as it will shut just as quickly after the spoon has passed the event-horizon of his mouth. It can get messy as you’ll see.
Levi Alexzander Mikirtoumov being fed


“Father look at me, are you not proud of my appetite?”

Levi Alexzander Mikirtoumov being proud



Mouth full!Levi Alexzander Mikirtoumov food in mouth

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