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Levi’s New Toy!

June 22, 2013

Levi has of late shown lots of interest and potential in the art of standing upright. Of course at five months his chubby little legs are unsupportive and fail the bipedal exam; in fact he still hasn’t even  got the hang of crawling. The best crawling attempts resemble an upside-down turtle flailing arms and legs in vain, yet remaining stationary.

So after seeing others use the product we realised that it will be perfect for Levi and his urge to stand.

The Jolly-Jumper is a simple device that almost revolutionises how soon a kid can try jumping around and use his own two feet at minimum effort. Hook it up to a door frame, adjust the spring for the kids height and boo-ya watch them have fun. After about a minute of Levi being placed in the harness and left wondering what is going on; success, bounce bounce, bounce with lots of smiles.

The side benefit of the Jolly-Jumper  is how quickly it wore him out. The usual bedtime of around 8:30 came about 1.5 hour early tonight.

Being the first night of using the jumper, I am sure it will be put to a lot more use.

Levi in a jolly-jumper

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