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Rant: Increase to Taxpayer Funding for Australian Political Parties

May 30, 2013

It is definitely a good thing that the Coalition rejected the push to increase taxpayer funding for political parties in Australia.

ABC News is quoted this morning “Opposition Leader Tony Abbott declared that the Coalition has “listened, we’ve learned, and the bill is now dead”.” Any prolonged interest in politics, excluding the partisan devout, will guarantee to leave a man jaded and cynical to the conduct of their Countries leaders. So naturally the populist statement ringing from Mr Abbot’s lips made me ask what’s in it for the man. When it comes to motives of politicians, I suspect that the public back-lash wasn’t the only thing weighing- on Mr Abbott shoulders. Perhaps being confident of his political party’s victory in the upcoming election and not wanting to bolster Labors campaigning war-chest, it was a calculated move that would be a win-win for the Coalition.

The dead bill would have costed $60 million and “Under the proposal, parties and successful independent MPs would have been paid 33 cents a year – or $1 over the electoral cycle – for every primary vote”

trough politicians

What amazes me about such a piece of legislation and others of the same ilk (Politician pay increase) is that people who directly benefit from the bill are the ones who propose it. The checks and balances seem to evaporate as both parties come to the trough that they both helped forge and gorge on the sweet tasting money reaped from their constituents.

I am glad this bullet was dodged.

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  1. May 30, 2013 5:24 pm

    If political snouts have the opportunity to get deeper into the troth, they will.

    I doubt the Libs backed down because of shame, but I reckon the number of votes they stood to lose was strong motivation for them.

    And the backing down was interesting. Was it Tony breaking his promise, or listening to advice,,, hmmm.

    Anyhow, this is the cartoon I did on it yesterday (and there’s more there [to the right] on our current political situation)…….…..



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