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Levi vs me as a baby + Super-Levi

May 11, 2013

About a year ago I did a project for my dad’s birthday by digitizing all the family 35mm slides with one of those home slide scanners you can by for a relatively inexpensive price of around $60. It was great to see images that I haven’t seen in years, especially those before my time on earth, pop-up on the monitor after the scanner had finished its work.

The resulting cache of photographs allowed me to look at baby photos of myself and see any similarities/differences between Levi and I.

Please note i am not good at discerning the age in photographs, unless there is some specific time-anchor as you’ll see in one of the photos.

Here’s a photo of me and Levi. I think there are similarities.

Levi about 1.5 months

Levi about 1.5 monthsMe as a baby

Me as a baby

Levi is currently about 11 days shy of 4 months. His appearance changes constantly. Every few days when I get home from work and see the little guy I am amazed at how he has morphed once again slightly into an older version of what he use to be. Still amazes me when I look at photos from just a couple of months back and see the difference.

Here is a photo of Levi taken today. I call it the Superbaby shot. We flipped his bib so that its positioned on his back, giving him an appearance of a cape. Together with the all red onesie he has taken on the appearance of a superhero. Notice the brown hair and dark brown eyes. The colours could alter in the coming months, but I doubt he will look like me when I was turning one.

Levi at nearly 4 months of age

Levi at nearly 4 months of age

Here is a photo on my first birthday. Notice how light my hair is, almost blonde I would say. BTW that bottle makes it look like I am enjoying my first beer.

Me and granpa on my first birthday

Me and grandpa on my first birthday

Here is another from front on. I couldn’t believe that I had such light hair.

Me as a baby with light hair

Me as a baby with light hair

I am looking forward to see how he matures for his first birthday.

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