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April 16, 2013

Short update on my life. Haven’t really done many posts of the kind on my blog.

I am currently a few months into a new role at work that is providing me with a mix-bag of emotions.  It’s a change of pace to feed the mind with new tasks and information, as well as learning more about the behemoth of a company I work for. The extra money is an additional bonus, yet it’s not my ultimate goal of practicing accounting, after all why did I spend a good part of a decade in tertiary lecture halls? There is always that itch in my head asking whether I should do my best and eventually get where I want to be and in the meantime enjoy life with what I have and make the most of it (cliché?), or be more aggressive in trying to achieve my goals even if it involves venturing to other frontiers. Don’t get me wrong reader I am thankful for a stable footing and a toxic-free environment I enjoy that some of my fellow Facebook acquaintances lack, but I came to believe that that line of reasoning leads to stagnation. Being thankful and mindful that others have it worse than you is fine, but don’t stop there. I would say that trying to better oneself is always a good thing. I need to keep that in mind as the year goes on.

Speaking of the year and time in general I am not the only one who feels that the stream of time that we all floating in hastens with an ever increasing speed as we age. It’s mid-April already for dog-sake. Being mathematically inclines I can’t help myself always seeing the progression of the year in a form of a fraction. With April flashing on our calendars, a third (1/3) of the year has already receded into the unreachable chasm of the past.

What else? The bubba is growing along nicely. Today marks 12 weeks since he emerged from a comforting womb into this cold and unforgivable world. Well at least there is still the rose-coloured childhood to look forward to that most adults reminisce about.

  He cracked the 6 kilos mark recently, and with that he is growing nicely as reflected on the infant weight-average curve. Very happy child what can I say, smiling and cooing at any face that appears in his vision, especially after a sleep.  I am constantly trying to project what sort of kid, adolescence, teenager and eventually an adult he will turn out to be. But with so many variables, so many influences I am sure reality will surprise me at every turn of his first 18 years and after.

We have just returned from a week’s stay at Coffs Harbour. Let me say it was a fantastic time and a new experience in holiday travel. The challenge of taking a car full of baby things on top of the usual luggage and driving for 7+ hours with a baby is in itself an adventure.  It was the first time for us holidaying together with three couples (including us). With each couple having a child the experience was very rewarding and unique. The house dynamic of 6 adults and three very young children at times made the place almost a sitcom such as the mountain of nappies that three infants create in a span of a few days. But when the chorus of crying ceases it was a very relaxing time. Will definitely like to plan something similar in the future.

However now that my holiday has expired and no other are on the radar, it feels a bit depressing. I always found big events such as holidays act like gleaming lighthouses that can be seen in the far distance as I traverse the rough waters of work/busy home. I anticipate moving closer to that light as each day passes eventually making ground and enjoying whatever that big event may be. Right now there is no visible lighthouse; there is no hovering sparrow with a branch in its beak. But perhaps I am over exaggerating. After all the word ‘depressing’ has really been watered down these days from its original serious clinical definition to mean nothing more than a slight upset in one’s mood.  In fact do have something to look forward to, it occurs each day. The baby is like that big event I mentioned but instead of being a marker on a timeline, I can enjoy him every day when I wake up or return from work, but a holiday would be nice too.

Anyway better make this day productive.

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  1. April 16, 2013 1:30 pm

    I understand how you feel. It’s the reason that I left my last job to go to university. If you’re passionate about being somewhere else, you won’t be able to put up with having to settle with something else for long.

    My suggestion is that you look to fulfill this goal of working in accountancy, things like this don’t come into your lap unless you actively search for them and once you’ve got yourself there, you will find that you don’t need to have beacons of light to look forward to; they’ll become redundant.

    I noticed as I moved to roles that I enjoyed more and more, the less I cared about whether or not it was a weekday and the less I would dread an impending Monday arriving. Holidays were take it or leave it opportunities for me, rather than godsends.

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