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Final Thoughts on the Baby Due Very Soon

January 12, 2013

So the baby is meant to hatch any day now. I took this shot of Charmaine earlier in the week. From the back you would be hard pressed to guess that she is lugging around between 5-10 kilos of baby + baby luggage. She is due around the middle of January 2013.

Charmaine Pregnant two dogs

So what are my thoughts on the 11th hour?

  1. Definitely excited. The excitement comes from knowing that there will be another human being in the house that will share some of your DNA and will potentially show your characteristics in everything from personality to looks.
  2. Nervous. I am nervous that no complications will arise, and everything will be okay with the baby.
  3. Wondering if I should be wallowing in bed enjoying my potential final uninterrupted sleep. I assure myself that my sleep-deprived days of working fulltime + uni studies have seasoned me to be up to the task.
  4. Hoping that someone can help my manual illiterate self with baby seat installation.
  5. Playing out the drama of taking Charmaine to the hospital and going through the pregnancy in my head. Sometimes what you imagine something to be like is completely different from reality; other times you are spot on.
  6. The dogs better get used to the crying. The humans will not be the only ones who will have to listen to it.

Will keep everyone posted once things start moving for real.

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  1. January 12, 2013 2:11 pm

    We had to get it fitted professionally and have a certificate before we could take baby home. I’m hoping ISOFIX is out before the next one comes. Best wishes with everything.

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