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Favourite Mash-up Mixes 2012

January 12, 2013

Stumbled across an artist on Youtube who creates mash-up mixes using songs in the top music charts throughout a given year. Did some listening of his previous work which I enjoyed greatly and eventually discovered another artist that is good in his own right. So I thought I would share both of their most recent mash-up mixes for 2012.

My exposure to the chart topping pop, dance, R&B music comes mainly from listening to the radio in the car, yeah I never said I was a music aficionado. Considering how obnoxious a song can become after the 50’s time its played I don’t have much tolerance for listening to the newer stations for too long. I would have to relieve myself with something akin to ‘smooth FM’; once again I don’t claim to be a pioneer in new music.

Anyway these mash-up mixes are a fresh face to the voices that populate the speakers wherever you happen to hear your music. Of course if you are frozen on the 70’s this is not for you, go and enjoy your Cher.

The first mash-up mix is by DJ Earworm. My favourite work of his, even after listening to her older stuff. Very smooth mixing throughout the whole song. Great video editing as well.


This Mash-up mix is made by Daniel Kim. It’s longer and has more songs weaved into the mix.Definitely a great effort and good to listen to, he has done a good job with the video as well. My only non-positive comment is that some parts feel as if they are disjointed. Of course its very difficult to make a song with a fast beat work with a slow vocal track. Nonetheless a great mash-up. Another great thing about this video is that it shows the name of the songs being played.

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