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Backyard Resident

October 28, 2012

As the temperature heats up so does the production of grapes on our very own vine bush. There is little resemblance now from the trimming performed last Autumn that gave the tree a needed pruning, a presentable haircut. Since then the leafy gown had fallen leaving a cold bare skeleton standing solitary through the Winter months like a lonely watchman. Finally as the Earth positioned its rump a bit closer to the solar furnace, our prized tree awakened and in Adam’s primal pudeur hastily began to cover itself in a grassy-green growth. Before long like the arms of the dead in the river Styx a sea of branches was reaching in all directions grabbing and wrapping itself to anything that would support it.

This is when I finally decided to walk around yesterday afternoon and do a little inspection, perhaps another small trim. It was then that I discovered an occupant residing in the branches. The resident appeared to be a diamond dove but I could be wrong. Before I had a chance to ask for a permit the bird noisily rushed out of its nest and perched on some nearby tree. Doing a landlord inspection on my new inhabitant was the next logical step. I took a camera climbed up on the brick-work and snapped the shutter from above.  Inside the rudimentary nest two small eggs materialised on my preview screen. The bird was not only a squatter and a squawker but a mother too. Not sure if it’s the fine schools or the safe neighbourhood that led to the decision of the mother to lay the eggs in my backyard, but regardless being a merciful landlord I will do my best to accommodate it and the eventual chicks.

For now some photos.

This shot has the bird nesting above amongst the branches

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  1. Inna permalink
    October 28, 2012 2:40 pm

    It is sooooo sweet!

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