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Favourite PSY – Gangnam Style Parodies (Interpretations)

October 1, 2012

Unless you have been residing in North Korea, you have no excuse for not having heard at least once the culturally bizarre yet addictive track –  ‘Gangnam Style’ by a South Korean producer PSY. The so called ‘K-pop’ song that has generated over 300 million views on Youtube will leave a non-Korean (Korean too?) listener wondering in bewilderment what they have just witnessed. Disjointed scenes show the star singer horsing around (literally) in brightly coloured garments while interacting with a host of characters just as oddly dressed as the main show.

One scene has Mr. PSY cuddling up to what appears as a pair of yakuza crime family members, all while being in a steam-room. If that is not strange enough, another equally perplexing titbit is the elevator scene in which you are gifted with the view of our attraction lying on the floor while what can only be described as a version of an Asian gay hippie cowboy is thrusting his pelvis to the beat of the song.

I can see how the song has managed to attract so many views. The mystifying cultural mannerisms and idiosyncrasies will always pull a Western audience (The Japanese culture has captivated many for years before this). Secondly the song is catchy; the beat transcends cultures and can be danced to by anybody. Thirdly the signature horsy dance has defined the video and the song, in the process generating a bunch of imitations and parodies.

I wanted to post some of my favourite parodies or interpretations.

First the original song


The Song without the Music. Amazingly edited with added background noises. Listen it’s funnier than it sounds.

A North Korea parody of the song.

An English parody of the song

Perhaps the scene needs to be set before viewing this one. The song is mixed in with scenes from a German World War two film called ‘Downfall’ about the eventual fall of Hitler. There have been many other spoofs of this one particular scene where Hitler gets really enraged at his Generals and then throughs a bunch of people out of the room. Anyway here is the Gangnam Style version.

This is actually a very gifted interpretation of the song.

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