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Podcast Review – Radiolab

September 29, 2012

Every now and then something strikes my fancy and provides that morsel of entertainment that I seek. I have been fortunate to discover a podcast show that for the last fortnight has delivered to my ears some of that mind-expanding candy.

Radiolab: The pithy sounding radio-show has mastered the art of telling a good story. The website sums up the content rather succinctly:

“Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.”

Let me clarify what I mean by a good story. This is not an addition to the Grimms’ Fairy Tales or an Aboriginal Dreamtime narrative, but rather something of fact (or at least as close as we can get to it), out of this world that is worth hearing about. Sometimes the guys at Radiolab just dive into one particular subject but manage to unearth all the hidden & unusual artifacts that lie there dormant awaiting discovery.

I thought the best way to share the podcast would be to take some of my favourite episodes, provide a link to them but then post a youtube video that has some relation to a story or the episode [but not affiliated with radiolab]

HERE is the link to all the episodes


Fantastic episode dealing with colours and colour perception. Exploring the vision in the animal kingdom and finding out the animal that not only has the most complex eyes but also is capable of perceiving a preponderant amount of colours is definitely the highlight. Next time you mockingly scoff at your dog/cat for not being red, this feisty crustacean will see to it that you will be put back in your place.

Here is a video of the mantis shrimp

What a Slinky Knows

Simple yet bizarre physical property of our universe that makes a child’s slinky toy appear to freeze in mid-air and defy the laws of gravity. Special guest to add a cheery to this episode is Neil Degrasse Tyson. See video of the effect below:

Musical Language

What is music, why do we as humans enjoy it and why does it makes us feel great. Another brilliant episode compiled together with several segments all looking at music and what it really is. The below videos tackle something similar to the episode in that they look at music through the lens of neuroscience.

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