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The ExpAndables – Update on the Baby

September 2, 2012

After placing imaginary bets on the baby gender-roulette it looks like I have doubled my money. The only difference is that we are the house, so we win either way. But regardless it was fun to speculate and see if intuition matched reality. The chips were sitting on ‘boy’, perhaps as that is a gender I can relate to. As the doctor spun the ultrasound device around the belly, blurs and blobs eventually began to assemble to give a decisive image. The doc threw us a final confirmatory question, “Do you want to know the gender?”. With a hasty harmonised “yes”, the imagine on the monitor displayed the defining picture that didn’t even require us to know the answer from the horse’s mouth, it was a boy with all his Y-chromosome goodness.

Apart from finding out whether I should start thinking of what toy trucks or brat dolls I would need to get in the future, the appointment also provided a comforting confirmation that no problems have been found with the baby.

The inspiration for the title of this post is the belly itself. It has definitely grown like the expanding universe, in the process devouring many desserts. But to be fair all efforts are being made to eat healthy on Charmaine’s part and not use the pregnancy as an all-you-can-eat nine month binge.

Charmaine and I also had a little game going to see when would be the first time someone would offer to get up for her on the train. It happened on Friday afternoon train. As usual we got on our home bound train and went upstairs hoping for a seat. There was only room in the isles, but some cool guy gestures at Charmaine and does that little raise from the seat motion, to see if she needed a seat. She chose to forgo the gentlemanliness this time, but I am sure in a couple of month it will be like the Queen has entered the train, with people  jumping up from their seats to offer it to ‘The belly’.

Today was the official last Fathers day were I am not technically a father, but with the help of Charmaine I did receive a little gift – a shaver. Booya

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  1. September 10, 2012 10:38 am

    Congratulations! 🙂

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