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Dam it Getaway – Our Trip to the Countryside

August 29, 2012

We have returned from our three night mini-getaway, staying in the middle of some stunning Australian farm-country. Only four hours’ drive North from Sydney, it was a tireless drive, yet so different to all our other retreats.

Run by Bev and Adrian a husband and wife team, the retreat is called interestingly, ‘Damit Getaway’. Without finding a dam or looking like a place of perdition, I was left wondering the origin of the name. Regardless, our small cabin was situated on top of one of the rolling hills that litters the country side.

The tranquillity is immediately felt as you step out of the car. The cool fresh air that entered our nostrils ensures us that we have arrived to our destination. Nearly every hour of the day that I happened to gaze-out to the below pastures they presented me a unique and memorable picturesque scene. Whether it was the dimming afternoon revealing the pastel colours of the setting sun and the distant moos of the herds below or the early morning hour with the fog flowing through the valleys and local fauna chirping about. Perhaps it was the mid-day filled with loud insects and a smell of burning fires clearing brushwood. You can spend ours just sitting there and relaxing to nature.

The active part of us wanted to go exploring. It was the highlight of our adventures; the local National Park – Gloucestor Tops. They say it’s the journey not the destination that matters; well on the day that we ventured out to Gloucestor Tops it was both. The ride offered plenty of things to see, passing half a dozen river crossings and wondering cattle that sometimes blocked our way. The road scenery transformed several times beginning with open meadows and plains to bushland with high eucalyptus trees. Finally as the road climbed higher the air cooled and the species of flora changed with it. Specially adapted eucalyptus trees now grew alongside a variety of Jurassic like ferns.

We took several walking trails, with some going deep into the tall growth. The moisture and lack of sun gave many trees whether standing or fallen a green carpet like coat of moss.

The other National Park worth mentioning is Barrington Tops.

Finally the really awesome thing about this getaway was that pets are allowed to come with you. We didn’t take our two, as they are more of  house pets. However we did get to meet two of the canine residence, King and Kiara , two really friendly dogs that live on the farm.

All in all a wonderful trip and highly recommended.

Here are some photographs

damit getaway view from cabin

damit getaway – morning fog

damit getaway morning fog with sun

damit getaway local furry resident King. He also has a female friend Kiara.

Barrington Tops National Park – Creek

Barrington Tops National Park – Honeysuckle Forest Track – Mossy tree trunk

Barrington Tops National Park – Honeysuckle Forest Track – More Trees with moss

Gloucester Tops – Antarctic Beech Forest Track – waterfall

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