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Killa Burger Grill Review – Largest Burgers in Sydney

August 19, 2012

Last night we hit-up the Killa Burger Grill down in South Sydney. They claim to have the biggest burgers in Sydney and they may be right. Without actually measuring the burgers the large plate sized monsters that hit our table did not disappoint when it comes to the advertised size. Charmaine and I ordered the Killa Burger meal to share; together with the gargantuan burger the meal includes a decent size box of fries and a 1.25 litre bottle of soda. They have posters advising it’s for four people, but having finished my half of the burger and the fries and drink I think it can easily be a regular amount for a pair of hungry guys.

Overall the value is great. For this huge meal we only paid $25. Considering it can feed at least two people its good value without even accounting for the novelty of the whole experience. The fried ice-cream was another unique product that we enjoyed without having to go to a Chinese restaurant that usually serves them. With about 6-8 types of burgers to choose from people can return to try their skills once more with another type of burger.

The Grill has a challenge for the sportive type who have a large stomach. The ‘Killa Challenge’  is a competition the restaurant runs to see who can finish all of the following in 60 minutes for some prizes:

  • A Killa Burger
  • Wicked Chips (not sure if they were larger than the once they served us)
  • Killa Drink
  • Killa Soft Serve

There is a wall of fame with about two dozen names and the times they have finished. I am kicking myself for not taking a photo, but I was told that there was a guy who did it in around 20 odd minutes.

I know that Kobayashi would be proud of that achievement. I do wonder what the man himself could achieve in such a joint. For those two are not familiar with Kobayashi he is the world famous competitive eater who holds numerous world records for eating eye-popping amounts of stuff. The most impressive thing about this Japanese eating machine is that he is slim and average in size(5 ft 8 in ).

Here is a video of Kobayashi tackling a Japanese restuarant



Enough of Kobayashi, to see the mere mortals here are the photos of last night’s burger and dessert.

Killa Burger meal

Face compared to Killa Burger

Killa Burger Grill – Caramel Fried Icecream

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