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Australian Medals in Past Olympics -includ 2012

August 6, 2012

So far at the time of writing this post on 6th of August 2012, Australia has collected well below her usual chest of gold medals in the 2012 London Olympics. I like to have a quick glance at the medal tally every morning to see how countries are performing.

For days now the single Australian gold on the medal board stares back at me with a smug grin. Mockingly teasing the Aussie public; “What you want another gold? The best I can do is a few silvers, and a bunch of copper & tin alloy (Bronze is not a pure chemical element, you won’t find it on the periodic table) trinkets. Hold on a second, Borat is due for another Kazakhstan gold medal.”

In truth, I am happy for Kazakhstan and other under-dog countries that are snatching up a few glittering golds in this Olympics. Special mention goes to North Korea and even Georgia for getting at least one gold.

But how is Australia doing compared to their past efforts in previous Olympics. Here are two graphs. Please note 2012 is not over yet, so Australian may still shine.

EDIT: on the 7th of August a day after this post Australia managed to snatch another gold in sailing. Yey

EDIT 2: It’s all happening now. Two days after my post on the 8th of August aussies managed to climb to a total of 4 gold.

EDIT Final: Okies I came back after the Olympic games have ended and created a new chart with the medals. See below.



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