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Bungarribee Dog Park Revisited + Bushfire 2012

August 4, 2012

Even though we are still in the throes of Winter with the morning chill being enough to make you want to crawl into a ball and breath your last, today was surprisingly warm under the sun.

Packing a new camera and a car full of dogs we wanted to go pay a visit to the Bungarribee dog park once again. Since my last post about the park, the council has done a decent job in upgrading some of the facilities.

There are now two shade areas with seats as well as a bunch of more seats planted around the perimeter of the park. They are also planning for the future by inserting a few trees inside to provide some shade in the warmer months, as currently a single tree offers the only respite to active dogs.

The only grudge I can raise with the council is their non-delivery of night lights. I hear a petition has been circulated but turned down due to lack of funding. During the Winter months the grounds turn dark well before 6 in the afternoon, leaving little hope of taking a dog out after work.

Anyway, including my parent’s dogs and ours we had quite a pack with us today. Here are some photos:

About half an hour after we got there, we noticed two plumes of smoke coming from within a natural reserve that is next to the dog park. At first we though the fire brigade might be back burning but then I started having doubts as there were people around that area that would have been blocked off before the scheduled back burn. After about 15 minutes a bunch of fire trucks could be heard arriving or coming.

In the mean time the smoke turned into visible fire which then grew into a wall of fire devouring the grasslands and heading towards the dog park.

Just before we left, the fire began to consume some of the trees in the foreground producing a plume of smoke that was thick and full of burnt ashes. It was not a windy day yet a small zephyr changes the direction of the smoke directly towards the dog grounds, giving us lungs full of smoke.

It was good thing we went when we did as our car was being an abstraction to the now decent queue of fire trucks arriving.

Here are three photos of the fire.

This is when it was fist visible

This is soon before we left

This is us leaving. You can see the fire is about 50 meters from the fence of the dog park.

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