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Our Bad Night – Comic Version

July 11, 2012

This is a true story. It happened to us a few nights ago. The night was upon us and the cold was starting to bite. We changed into our night gear and hesitantly slithered under the icy sheets. Oh the dread that those cold & miserable sheets bring out in us. What a cruel and unusual punishment they deliver to the unsuspecting bodies.



But then an idea hatched in the innards of my head. A water bottle would be most pleasing. One that is filled with the warmest of waters. With a turn of a tap and a twist of the wrist the bottle breathed a vapour of hot air and tada it was ready to serve us.



So at last our bed was warm and our dreams so sweet. The water-bottle gave off a summery radiance of warmth only rivalled by the one lying beside me. But then…..



The unexpected. Water with all its unbound heat was flowing at the feet scolding them in the process. It burst, and with it the chance of a restful sleep. As the water bottle emptied its content onto our crisp sheets and absorbent mattress, we were scrambling like cockroaches from an upturned rock. Trying to snatch those sheets that were spared from the gushing spring coming from the rubbery bag, we managed to walk away with the main doona unharmed.


We slept on the fold out couch in the living room with the fans worked through the night drying the mattress. We managed to get good sleep regardless.









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