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My Favorite Indie Rock shortlist

June 2, 2012

I thought I should discover new music that I like. I have a broad palette of tastes in various genres; however I don’t go out of my way to discover new music. Only when I hear it from a friend or in the public airwaves and I like it do I inquire more into it.

I thought I would download a big mix of artists and sort through what I like. This post concentrates on a single genre as it helps me keep sane. After all most of us like pickled gherkins and we all like ice-cream, but we don’t take a bite of one and then a mouthful of the other. We humans demarcate them into the main and dessert time zones and consume them separately. Having said that, I will concentrate only on the Indie Rock genre.

Here are the artists and sounds of theirs I liked the most in no particular order.

San Cisco – Awkward

Miike Snow – Archipelago


Baby Grand – Cherry Blossoms


Raymond & Maria – The Fish Are Swimming Slower Every Year

HAIM – Forever

KO KO – Float

Oberhofer – I Could Go

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