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British Candy Store

April 26, 2012

Living in Australia the selection of candy/lollies/sweets (whatever you want to call it) is much smaller than what is available to the sweet-tooth consumer in the US, At least from personal experience having visited the place.

For a few years now I have seen scattered shops concentrating on the niche market of American sweets.

I haven’t come across a British version of the same thing, until today. Only a gobstoppers throw away from where I work, the tucked away shop nostalgically titled for the pommy expats ‘Treats from Home’, gives a small insight into the sugary world available to our head of state and her British bad-teeth subjects.

Just as the American candy shops have over-priced goods ($15 dollar pop-tarts come to mind), there was plenty of the same thing here. However a table that stood in the centre of the store was filled with a plethora of discounted food and drinks, if you didn’t want to spend big and weren’t shopping for a specific item. As an example I picked up a can of ‘Tango Cherry’ & Cherry Diet Coke’ for $1 each.

There was also a wall made out of boxes of chips (or do they call them crisps?) with a variety of eclectic flavours I never heard of. I picked two random flavours ‘roast beef & mustard’ and ‘pickled onions ‘each for $.50, a bargain if you ask me. Notice in the below photo that the pickled onions packet has the branding that reads ‘Walkers’ but looks nearly identical to the Lay’s logo found here in Australia. Not sure if the Brits drink Johnny Walker which eating those chips or how the discrepancy came about.

Finally I also picked up a limited edition Mars bar and another bar referencing the iconic double decker buses.

If you are in Sydney (there is one in Melbourne as well apparently) then head to Pitt St mall in the city. I found it unfaithfully (I work for Westfield) in the glasshouse shopping complex on the third floor. See their website for more info.

Treats from home goodies

Treats from home shop


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