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Drive – An Overrated Pile of Steaming Film

April 1, 2012

I hired this film only based on the respected and high IMDB rating (8.0 at the time of seeing it). The title of the movie suggests that the plot would revolve around driving, perhaps getaway driving or racing. I am not sure how the movie warrants the title as the total amount of driving scenes amounted to a total of two.

Drive has to be one of the most overrated movies that I have seen and left me wondering would my time be  better spent making action figures from fusilli pasta.

Ryan Goslings plays the main character that says little and stares a lot (pauses lasting up to 10 seconds). I was even beginning to suspect he is playing an autistic individual. The slow interactions between Gosling and other characters made the movie tedious and as one critic put it made you ‘see the changing of seasons in the background’.

Most other characters of the film are unbelievable. Carey Mulligan who plays Goslings neighbor and who appears to be attracted to him, seems to have caught the same silent staring disease. Both characters are poorly developed and make irrational decisions. After Mulligan meets Gosling for the second time (meeting consist of looking at each other awkwardly and grinning like two stoners), he is already at her place taking on the father role. We find out the real father was in jail and was just released. At the same time we learn that the real father is in trouble with the mob and needs to rob a store for cash he owns. So out of the blue Goslings makes an irrational danger prone decision, volunteering to be the getaway driver for a guy he just met, who doesn’t even like him and who’s entrance into the film appears to have  severed the relationship that was developing between Gosling and Mulligan.

Gosling is a blank canvas. We never learn his name in the movie, and his motivation for doing things is not explained. Why does he work as a getaway drive anyway? Obviously not for cash, as the end of the movie shows a scene where Gosling finishes off the last mob boss and leaves a million dollars abandoned on the pavement. His character development and portrayal is also awful. Half the movie he is a grinning mime, then all of a sudden he is a berserker running around seeking revenge for the death of the guy he doesn’t know. This involved grotesque, ultra-violent scenes that stick out more than a fork in the eye. And yes there was a scene with one goon turning randomly onto one of his own and sticking a fork in his eye followed by a butcher’s knife to the throat.  Once again why? And where are the police in all of this. Are we to believe that a cleaning company is hired each time with the explanation of a dog on heat, to clean up the pool of blood left after the frequent altercations?

The movie tried to be lot and succeeds at nothing. The pink cursive neon title was suggested by one viewer as an example of how the film is actually some “reflection” of films from the 70’s and 80’s, as if that is why the film was so out of focus. No the pink neon title is not the missing piece that reveals the previously undecipherable message. It’s just more dung that was flung at the wall together with the thin romance story, unbelievable action scenes and some one-dimensional drama, in hopes that together the splatter would reveal a modern day masterpiece. It didn’t.

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