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Crazy Cat Gentleman

March 19, 2012

I had a passing idea to start an Australian version of the grotesque , ‘lose faith in humanity’ type of website ‘People of Walmart’  that documents the debasing residue of our society that visit the infamous American megastores. Even the name was thought out; ‘People of Westfield’, netting together all the qualifying subjects in any store within the complex of Westfield.

However I felt I would be dirtying my own hands in the act of photographing some of these bizarre specimens that roam the isles. Then there was also the issue of dancing with the legalities and moral objections.

Having said all that, the other day I couldn’t help but take a photo of a trolley that one man was hauling to the check-out counter. The man is not visible in the photograph as he is unloading some of his purchases onto the conveyer belt. But his trolley is in plain sight.

If I am not mistaken all of the consumables apart from the bread in the baby seat is cat food. I can only imagine how many feline mouths he has to feed.


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