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Wordfeud – Scrabble Clone

February 17, 2012

To all the Scrabble and Scrabble-clone players this post is a challenge of sorts. If you are like me and enjoy the mental strain of the game but don’t want to carry the scrabble board on every peak hour train, the electronic version of the age old game is a perfect solution. Due to copyright issues etc, fans got in trouble recreating the game in its timeless form, so the wittier developers chose to tweak it enough to escape letters from lawyers yet maintain the magic formula.

I have met a number people who share my hobby, yet when I mention that it would be good to have a game together they proceed to ask me for my ‘Words with friends’ username.

After a dramatic pause, I tell them “I found someone else”. Yes I am aware of this particular scrabble-clone and even personally used it. The old cliché line, first impressions last, really proved it self in my experience. The android version of the app had more bugs than a decomposing corpse. Freezing, phantom letters appears and failing me in general use, the software and the developers just didn’t do a great job. I gave them time, I waited for several version updates, but to my futility the frustration trumped the fun.

Going back to the Android market I began browsing for a replacement product. It only took the time of prodding the letters ‘scrabble’ on the touch screen to find what I was looking for.

‘Wordfeud’ was my deliverer. The game booted up flawlessly. By the end of the first day I had half a dozen simultaneous games active on my screen. I felt like a chess wiz (good scoring word right here) that plays multiple tables at once, but with letters. Sometimes if my opponents took their time I would ratchet up the games to 10 or 12. The beauty is that you can play a word, come back a day letter and have your next turn (if the other player made their move).

Wordfeud has other great features. You can choose a profile picture. Not always a good idea mind you. Once having a photo of Charmaine with our dogs, I encountered a sizable (another good scoring word, but ‘s’ is to be used cautiously) amount of random guys who use the game only to chat up girls. I have to give credit to the developers though, as I started seeing non-intrusive dating ads popping up soon after I began to play.

There is also a chat feature, which can be helpful. But the most novel feature in my opinion is the randomization of the playing board. Instead of a precise placement of bonus squares across the board as seen in the picture above, the bonus squares are randomly distributed around the board. The feature gives wild opportunities of scoring mind-boggling points on a single turn. Think about placing a word on a triple-triple-double word score – Ouch!

So check it out – Wordfeud. My username is ‘NeedaChallenge’. I expect a challenge.

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