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2011 in Review and 2012 to look forward to

December 30, 2011

2011 has been a tumultuous yet bounteous year both for the world and my self.

The world witnessed dictators fall and protest movements rise. From New Zealand earthquakes to Japanese tsunamis misfortunate people perished while the world welcomed its 7th billion child. The demise of Bin Laden ended a dark chapter only to see Andress Breivik begin a new.

The future may wish to forget the year if financial failure is to be repressed. Europe howled in misery as her nations bled with woes. Debt winked with glee at Uncle Sam who could not agree how to polish deckchairs of the proverbial Titanic. Australia listened and prepared as the retail canaries (Colorado, Borders etc) slowly suffocated. It was a very eventful year indeed.

How do I desire to see various news stories from 2011 unfold in 2012? Only this December we saw the ‘Dear Leader’, a totalitarian oppressive dictator come to his end with a major heart attack. With a succession of his youngest son, who resembles the chuddy kid from ‘Up’ I may add, already established months ago, but with little time to groom him for the position, the North Korean regime is currently experiencing a transition of leadership that may contain volatile elements of unpredictability. Seeing the miserable wailing crowds shedding tears for a man who literally kept them captive for decades, inflicting misery and starvation while at the same time enjoying a lavish life of Hennesy and cigars, makes me throw-up a bit in my mouth. I still cannot tell if these are acts of survival necessity or the world’s largest example of the Stockholm syndrome; the psychological phenomenon that sees some hostages experience paradoxical positive feelings of empathy towards their captors.

For 2012 I wish to see an uprising, a revolution of the people and finally the collapse of the regime. To see the North Korean people finally catch up to the 21st century and stop living like cattle destined for the abattoir. That would be my biggest wish for 2012.

I don’t necessarily wish the worlds financial troubles to end in 2012, but I don’t wish them to worsen. In times of trouble there are always opportunities, I wish to embrace some of those opportunities in the coming year. The Australian Interest rates are predicted to keep falling which means more money in my pocket. As selfish as it sounds, some peoples hardship present a chance for others. Perhaps 2012 may be the beginning of my long term plan to set up an investment portfolio of assets.

Perhaps there will be other major news for me in 2012.

To finish on a high-note, some personal achievements in the year 2011 are now expected. Firstly finishing my double-degree (graduation is still 5 months away), getting a new job with a respected company (Westfield), going away with my wife and friends on small getaways providing a great experience.

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