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Chaplin’s Commanding Speech [Video]

December 16, 2011

A video that I clicked though to recently that was  posted by sister of mine, impressed me quiet a bit, so I naturally felt obliged to share it with my readership. The video is of a rousing and powerful speech made by the late actor Charlie Chaplin in his 1940’s film ‘The Great Dictator’. Spliced together with subtle instrumentals and modern day imagery the video is worth watching.

I was struck to even hear Charlie Chaplin’s voice. When I was a child my grandparents, if my mind serves me correctly, played VHS tapes of his comic routines in the short silent film format. So without a reason to think otherwise I floated through life to this point with the impression that Chaplin never took up the newly available voice recording technology for his work. It was also unexpected to learn that Charlie Chaplin made a film about Hitler, who arguably is most well known person for sporting the same toothbrush moustache, and let me add ruining it for all future generations of moustache [sic] promiscuotors. Apparently Hitler admired Chaplin’s silent films, but there is no historic evidence that Chaplin was his inspiration for the moustache.


I have never seen this film before, but reading the information from Wikipedia the moving-picture is a satirical but harsh denunciation of Nazism and Adolf Hitler. Charlie Chaplin plays both; a protagonist who is an unnamed Jewish barber as well as Adenoid Hynkel who is the representation of Adolf Hitler. Because both characters are played by the same actor they look nearly identical.

The similarity is what leads to the mistaken identification of the Jewish barber who is thought to be Adenoid Hynkel (Hitler). He is escorted to a venue where Adenoid Hynkel was to speak on Germans victory over Austria instead the barber gives the following oration.

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