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Higgs Bosom (. Y .)

December 14, 2011

What better way to bring peoples in to the article than to invoke a risqué play on words in the title. I am sorry to disapoint all you musth filled readers, but that is my only way of laying out a scientific subjects that would usually bore the audience to sleep. So now that you are here read on.

Much like the sub-atomic particles that are whizzed around in the  Large Hadron Collider, the news of the Higgs Boson is again making the rounds on the internet. The allusive particle that has been long been predicted by scientists and would go a long way in explaining why some particles have mass appears to be tantalizingly close to being discovered. More info on the Higgs Boson can be found here.

When reading various articles on the subject, it is just as interesting for me to read the comments following to determine the caliber of readers that visit the said news website.

I always feel there exists a distant gulf between some reader opinions and mine when I read comments that deride massive scientific projects as “wastes of money” or “pointless”.  I cannot help but get excited about the discoveries and breakthroughs that are made constantly in modern scientific fields of every flavour. Increasing the knowledge of the universe even before the thought of any direct applications tingles the mind and floods the thoughts with possibilities.

Unexpected applications fill the archives of history, and are with us today. Most of the technology we use daily is built up from converging fields of research and discoveries in materials, manufacturing processes and years of acquired knowledge.

So when people don’t find any interest in endeavors such as the Mars missions, The CERN facility, space probes etc, it makes me want to build a time machine and travel back to when that person was a child bubbling with curiously and inject them with the wonder of the world around them, to be as excited about discoveries as I am.

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