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Playing Mind Games

December 1, 2011

Browsing the net recently I was reading a section of a particular website in which people can ask a question or introduce an interesting topic of conversation and see what other people have to say.

One question I particularly liked reading the responses to, was as following:

“What strange games do you play in your mind?”

The responses from some other users were curious or funny. I’ll just include one example someone mentioned.

“Whenever I’m cooking, I imagine being the star of a highly popular cooking show and start talking to my audience in my mind, explaining the steps of what I’m doing, etc.

i always cook for one”

That got me thinking what little games I play or use to play in my mind. Here are some of them.

I use to try to experience how a blind people would feel. I would start my morning routine by picking the clothes, showering and dressing all with my eyes closed. If the task was very repetitive it wasn’t such a difficult experiment, but if anything out of the ordinary occurs e.g. someone moved the soup, I usually had to revert to cheating and opening my eyes.

I haven’t tried this myself but I read that one guy was closing his eyes on the train trips he took every day, listening to all the bumps and movements that the carriage made. He could tell exactly how far into the trip he was by identifying individual bumps.

Another one, I sometimes imagine worst case scenarios and what I would do in that situation. For example you are in a hall full of people and a run away car drives through the side of the building would I be safe and where would I jump to escape it. Or if a guy that looks suspicious on the train carriage get’s up and wants to blow himself up, will the train seat next to me absorb the shrapnel.

This does sounds like I am paranoid or suffering from some irrational fears, but I am not taking the situations too seriously, and don’t worry about it. Like I said it’s more of a mind games.

I bet a lot of people did this when they were kids, but I find myself still doing it sometimes. While walking on the footpath, I have to not step on the lines that separate the cement blocks. It was easy as a kid because you could skip hop and jump without caring what people thought of you, but now I have to do it subtly by pacing my steps.

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  1. December 13, 2011 12:56 pm

    Ha! I didn’t know you were playing such mind games! Awesome… 🙂
    I don’t know whether hypotheticals would fall under this category, but I find I regularly play out hypotheticals, sometimes leading to a drawn out story in which I am the main character with a monologue and all. This perhaps crosses over with day-dreaming, but a more expressive example would probably be me often playing devil’s advocate in discussions.
    Other mind games are more often played on the train when I dont have something to do. Some of my favourites include imagining I am playing a computer game where there is a character on a skateboard and as the train makes its way to its destination, I have to collect or avoid some objects (which eventually allows me to get powerups and affect my health bar)…
    Funnily enough, I find it’s very common for people to play out scenarios in which they are certain characters as it gives experiences a more tangible and clearer bigger picture… and its fun. 🙂

  2. December 16, 2011 9:47 am

    Well, for instance, sometimes there are numbers in different places, and those I can (although arbitrarily) collect as ‘points’. Items such as freelance pipes, or other people’s stuff I see, I can swap with whatever item/s are being used at the time. These can range from a new vehicle, weapons, tools, and power ups not unlike those in mario bros. Some checkpoints allow me to replenish my health bar, reload on ammunition, or purchase something with the points Ive collected. Although I do start on foot with no items, I tend to search for items I can use creatively.
    What keeps it interesting for me is mostly the loose adoption of physics as I make my way through a platform-game-like multi-level, fake (and yet real), 2D (and yet 3D), world.

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