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Surprise Party

November 20, 2011

Yesterday I am happy to announce I have done my final university exam that should complete my tertiary studies for a long time. The graduation is to follow but that will be in the coming months.

When my lovely wife picked me up from the station to take me back home, I was feeling exhausted and sore. The hot Spring weather returned that day and the temperature hovered above 30 degrees. Having two exams in two days and weeks of preparation for them, I had little left energy for anything else.

But as it so happened my thoughtful wife organized a surprise party for me. I was completely taken back, after opening the house door and seeing a dozen people saying “surprise!”. The tired feeling quickly fades away when you have people over.

I want to thank everyone who came and those who put the effort into the event in any way.

I would have to say the food on the night was the best. Starting with mums walnut paste chicken, the delicious BBQ chicken, the fruit salads and the most impressive are the two cakes. One prepared by my mum again and the other is a special cake prepared by Charmaine’s work college (thanks Yvette)

Since I was majoring in accounting, the calculator cake below is very appropriate.

Here are some photos:

Notice the ‘Congrats Sasha’ on the paper

It was like eating a wedding cake

Love those mangoes



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