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Coke Names part 2

October 26, 2011

My previous post on the ‘Share a Coke with’ campaign that Coco Cola was running, made fun of what I considered were weird names and lamented that my name would never show up. Since then I was told by a friend that the “wacked-out” names are actually more common in certain communities around Australia. Shows how multicultural I am.

So anyway I went on their promotional website to read more into the campaign. In the process I discovered that Coke has their men/women on the ground, looking after people like me who don’t have customised Coke cans/bottles.

They are holding there booths until December in various Westfield shopping centres. I got mine done in the city. See the above website for details.

What better name to get than my last name, I even had one letter to spare on their 12 letter limit. All this is free by the way, you don’t even  pay for the can.

Here are the downsides. The cans look genuine, but unfortunately they are not as ‘real’ as the ones that are manufactured in the shopping centres. The way the booths work is that you write your name on a card, then a Coke person types it up on a computer, and a specialized printer prints it out. Another Coke guy then sticks it on the can. The novelty and personalization is great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just not the same. After all you can’t rip the name off the cans in the store.

The other down side is the lines. They had the theme park barricades zigzagging back and forth with the lines stretching out of it and curling back on it self. I had to wait about 25 minutes, but I would imagine at other times it could get longer.

Finally, probably due to legal reasons and retaining the promotions intent there are restrictions on what you can write on the can. If your name happens to be of a famous person e.g.Paris too bad you can’t get that name, because famous people cannot be put on the cans. There are no spaces allowed so if you have a double name it will be joined together and no second capital letters. You also can’t use objects, animals etc.

Overall a brilliant idea and will definitely bring a lot of publicity to the company.

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  1. October 26, 2011 2:07 pm

    This is soo funny! 🙂

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