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Space Dust – WOW

October 12, 2011

A few weeks ago when I was migrating from the lecture amphitheatre to the tutorial room there was a bunch of not seen before enlarged photographs hanging from one of the walls of my university. One of the photographs was inviting my attention to it’s unfamiliar appearance. The scene in the image had a cold lifeless feel to it and lacked any description or name that would give a hint of what I was looking at. I left without knowing and slowly deposited the thought into some rear compartment of my temporal lobe.

Then today in a moment of serendipity when perusing random blogs unrelated in anyway to the subject, I saw the same photo but this time it had the name of the object: Barnard 68 – A molecular cloud about 500 light years away from us.

I quickly consulted the book of knowledge AKA Wikipedia and read deeper into it. In simple terms it’s a dust cloud that’s blocking most of the visible light from the distant stars behind it. You have to love the space images.

Barnard 68 molecular cloud

I also found this image of another dust cloud – a broken off section of the Carina Nebula. Looks like it’s giving someone the finger

Carina Nebula broken off Molecular cloud

Here’s the same image as above but from a panned out view.

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