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The Garden Experiment

October 1, 2011


One of the best things about having a house is having a backyard.  With a backyard we have been able to experiment growing little garden beds. The first round was a simple combo of 2x tomato plants & 2x chilly plants. It went well, we were able to harvest a number of the tomatoes and some chillies.

Here’s a shot of one of the tomato plant:

Round two was planting some broad beans. We managed to pick them three times, with each visit giving us a deep bowl full of beans.

Here a photo of the broad bean plants. They got much larger later on.

We enjoyed the tomatoes so much we bought up more for round three. Most are Roma tomatoes, but one plant is called a ‘black Russia’ (it’s not used to make the drink). When I tried the black Russian tomatoes from the supermarket I got hooked on them. They have a dark tinge to them and produce a much sweeter taste and aroma. I figured if I am able to grow them for myself, I would be a happy eater. We also bought some snow peas to go with the mix. Funny story, I thought I bought the snow peas last time around, but it turned up I can’t read and they were broad beans..

Before planting

In the garden bed

Last summer we have also tried to grow some strawberries, but some damn bugs got there before us every time. The shot below was taken just recently. They are intact, but you won’t be blamed if you accidently sniff one up, for being so small.

Then there are the grapes I am trying to grow. They were off-cuts from my parents’ already developed tree. I was fortunate enough to have tasted the grapes from the mother tree. Let me tell you no prior sensation of your taste buds would prepare you for the taste of these vine fruits. The moment was like eating ambrosia and getting away with it. But there is still a long way for them to grow.

Finally there is the blueberry bush, mandarin tree and a plumcot (plum x apricot) tree. But none of them have any fruit yet so no pics.


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