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Dog Photos – left overs

September 10, 2011

I noticed a few people like the dog posts. So I decided to make another post from the left over photos from the time when we had all four dogs for the month. Some behind the scenes shots included in the lot showing it wasn’t all easy cruising.

Charlie the Patriot

One problem we did have with the dogs was the amount of dog toys that were being destroyed. Pieces were just chewed-off, or simply ripped apart. Here’s a photo of a faceless crime committed against the poor chicken. The big headed chicken also sustained some damage.

Not much to be said on this one. They look like a couple of invalids or yoga enthusiasts.

One of the beds was ripped open. The bed had holes in it already from the past but wasn’t really touched until all four were there. I don’t care so much about the bed, rather i worry that the dogs can eat that cotton-like material inside.

Cuddles with her broad-chested stance reminded me of some proud student receiving an award of sorts. I was thinking of making her do a pledge of allegiance, but I think you really need to have a hand (paw in this instance) over the heart.

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